Tuesday, November 17, 2009

m/n/m/l - "Another round thing with music on it"

m/n/m/l is the kind of music my wife hates, doesn't get, frowns at, etc.
Composed entirely on a Serge Modular synth (an old fashioned analog synthesizer) by one John Papiewski, it doesn't use any known musical scales, or concern itself with any sort of "agreed-upon" musical theory on what you can or can't do in music.
Papiewski doesn't even use a keyboard controller with his synth; he just twiddles knobs and do things with patchcords.
Oh, and if you don't know what a Serge is: Check this out!

But anyway. m/n/m/l is all about strange sounds, and "Another round thing with music on it" is no exception. Not much here is recognizable as "music" in the traditional sense. Not even if you're into Aphex Twin or the like.
On the other hand, it's not even remotely as hostile as Merzbau for instance; much of it is quite meditative - even in all it's timbral weirdness. When I listen to this, I hear strange machinenoises beating against each other. I hear alien animals roaring. I hear little atonal tunes, gusts of wind, icicles falling into a lake in a deep cave underground. That sort of thing.

And even if it's sorta... "avant-garde", or whatever, it's not at all demanding to listen to. In fact, I find it downright relaxing, if I'm in that mood. Great music to write to, think to, or stare out of the window. Certainly not to dance to. This is perhaps my favourite when it comes to abstract music.

Available here:
Another Round Thing With Music On It


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