Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ministry - "Lava"

"Filth pig" isn't everyones favourite Ministry album, But I like it a lot - not least because of "Lava"

Like a lot of Ministry songs, it's more of a mood-thing, than shock-tactics. But then Ministry is NOT a metal band (but apparently not an industrial band either, according to Al Jourgensen in an interview I read in '92).
A huge distorted-bass groove, a trashy gated reverb on the snare drum, and Al barking nonsense lyrics. It is as it should be, in my opinion. Some of the guitarwork sounds like a nod to Killing Joke - hyperdistorted but at the same time sort of ethereal, if you can imagine that.
Too bad Ministry isn't around anymore, but good thing Al is.

Check out Filth Pig:
Filth Pig

Generel info: Official Ministry page

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