Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Alison Project

One of the purest examples I know of making noise for the sake of music, The Alison Project is (as far as I know) a one-man business of wringing sounds out of an analog modular synth.

The long-running series of pieces named “Torn Envelopes” is a an organic blend of everything from relatively smooth ambient-style sounds, to plate-tectonics, gut wrenching, buzz-saw distorted drones and such. A little bit of melody sneaks in there from time to time, but really the main focus here, is slowly evolving noise-scapes. The aural equivalent of staring into fire (or perhaps a volcano). Or perhaps some sort of nasty steel-milling tool rotating at high speed. Or...some of the sounds about 1/3 into “Torn Envelopes XIX” remind me of one of those weird portal machines in the original Half-Life game (nerd).

A slow journey through the many shades of distortion available from an analog synth, this really fits the bill of this blog. Definitely an acquired taste, but I really like this.

The “Torn Envelopes” series is available from

Some of the tracks are free to download, others to buy, and apparently some are going to be released in physical form at some point. More info at the site.

Also, of course:


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