Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lee Scratch Perry - "Blackboard Jungle"

Dub is for certain one of those sound-for-the-sake-of-it genres, and Lee Scratch Perry is one of the masters. Now, I'm a bit unsure of this version - the video says "Upsetters", but as Perry was known to use this name as a moniker both for his record label and for whatever constellation of musicians happened to be around the studio at the time of recording, it's difficult to say what's what here:

But anywho - this is the real deal. A multitrack recording of some reggae song is picked apart and put back together sort of randomly, but usually with the original vocal tracks left out...and most of everything else, except the bass and drums.
A bit of organ finds it's way in there too, but most of the spice on the track is weird soundeffects courtesy of Perry, who has his fun clinking bottles together, making air-raid siren sounds, percussive clicking and plopping (with his voice), etc. everything is then processed through good old fashioned tape echo - and what sounds like spring reverb, resulting in spacy goodness. And let's not forget the intro - Perry's weird, guttural death rattle (or whatever it is).
Recommended? Oh yes it is.

Dub-Triptych from Trojan records is a good collction which features the album "Blackboard Jungle", as well as two other albums by Perry - "Dub Revolutions," and "Cloak And Dagger". A good one!

Mp3 here: Dub-Triptych

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